Sober Companion

After leaving the structured life of a rehab, acclimatizing to the realities of day-to-day life can be a challenge. A Sober companion can help you negotiate this change. Working out how to change your routine, what kind of long term support you require, those tricky first days back with family and friends, the return to work – all of these things can be worry free with Sober Advantage at your side. We can be there for you 24/7.

We can be an advocate for you or your loved one by providing a service for the newly sober. We can accompany the client in every aspect of their life. This includes home, work, socializing, and more. To give an example, if spending all day at work with the client is impossible, then a ride to and from work is provided, as well as getting together at lunch and breaks. Whatever is needed we will meet you where you are at.

The idea is simple: in treatment, sobriety is assured, as it is a secure and drug-free environment. Once back in the real world, familiar places and faces, old habits and schedules, and day-to-day life can be littered with relapse triggers. A Sober companion acts as a shield against these, while also providing you with the tools to help prevent relapse.

The bottom line is that Bunmi Aboaba is an experienced, professional Sober companion who helps clients build the ultimate foundation to a successful recovery.

Our Sober companion service is effectively recovery on-the-go. It’s also highly recommended for people who have relapsed straight after leaving treatment any number of times. We aim to ground their sobriety in real life situations which otherwise would have led them to their compulsive and impulsive behaviours. We encourage and motivate people throughout the day and provides that safety net that a person needs who is still raw to recovery. We act as a confidential sober guide or companion from one day to several weeks – or however long you may need us.

The Sober companion service is especially effective for people who wish to remain abstinent on occasions where alcohol may be served – such as business events like client dinners or award ceremonies or personal occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Our clients find this is an incredible way to avoid potential pitfalls and the consequences. A Sober Companion will accompany you as discreetly as possible, blending in as a friend or colleague. We’re here to fit right into your life as seamlessly as possible, so you can make sure you always have time for life-changing, long-lasting recovery.

Roles & Duties

Every engagement of Sober Companionship is bespoke and confidential.
That stated clients can expect the following:

Full time 24/7 companionship if needed.

Transportation to and from every outside location.

Accompaniment to situations where triggers reside.

Full assurance of a drug-free environment both in and out of home.

Consistent exploration of triggers and providing tools to overcome them.

Confidence building by showing that a fulfilling life can be had without substances.

Insights from the companions own recovery journey to cast light in challenging times.

We also:

Help to locate and attend first local 12 Step Meetings or other recovery organisations.

Reintroduction to the family post-discharge (back to family meeting).

Resuming work/career (back to work meeting).

Support our client during the uneasy first few days.