Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching can involve one of two instances: as a continuation of Sober Companionship, or as a stand-alone service. Either way, the process is the same.

Sober Coaching is a custom-defined schedule between you and the coach. In essence, it allows clients to receive personal support, guidance, and anything else needed to fill the gaps in traditional post-treatment support such as 12-step programs, community services, therapists and so forth.

Sober Coaching brings an experienced eye and ear to your recovery – someone who has walked your walk and knows the landscape. It’s someone you are accountable to and can provide that extra layer of support, confidence, and steadfastness to day to day sober living.

Ideally, a Sober Coach is a former user who has experienced years of sobriety.
Sober Advantage offers exactly that.

A Sober Coaching schedule is reached together. Typical engagements involve a once-a-week meeting, with texts, calls and e-mails in between.  We meet with clients at their place of residence or a mutually convenient location. In effect, we meet the client where they are at in terms of recovery and where they feel comfortable to meet.

A consultation precedes any Sober Coaching engagement to ensure parameters are in place, and expectations set for both parties. Bunmi’s coaching program gets results

If you’d love to hear a reassuring voice on the end of the line, a Skype call, face-to face or telephone, then our Sober Coaching service is for you.

Sober Coaching is for the individual committed to actively participating in their own sobriety journey. As a coach, our role is to guide the person to find their own navigation tools for the various triggers they will encounter so they can overcome any potential obstacles in their daily life.

Our clients usually find that one to two session per week of 60 to 90 minutes each, coupled with daily email or phone support, is the ideal amount. We recommend using our Sober Coach service for at least one week, but ideally from three months to twelve months so you can reinforce your daily routine to fit in with your amazing new sober life. Of course, our Sober Coach service is completely bespoke and some may find they need more or less time – whatever fits snugly around your busy schedule!

If you have been in rehab then we can liaise with your case manager and family to ensure our Sober Coaching service complements your plan perfectly. Or if you need to undergo a detox then we can arrange for a home detox team or residential detox – whichever is most convenient for you. We will always be there for you throughout your detox and on completion of the programme.

Reach out to Bunmi and we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation.

The Sober Advantage offers a no obligation consultation service which allows us to understand you and your situation and give the best advice.

Consultation can take place via skype, phone call, face-to-face and like all our services in the strictest of confidence.

In the consultation process, we will ask you a series of questions to get a fuller picture of where you are at and how we can be of service to you, thus enabling you to feel confident that this is could be the choice for you.

Most people that enter into a recovery coaching relationship with The Sober Advantage report significant changes in their lives and recovery.

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