Home Detox

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the most common causes of death. In fact, more people die from alcohol withdrawal than from any other drug.

An alcohol home detox is a controlled detoxification managed by a team of specialized addiction Doctors and Nurses at the client’s home. It’s gradually removing the individual from alcohol dependence. Sudden withdrawal from Alcohol can cause seizures. therefore the correct medications and round the clock monitoring is vital for a successful detox.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

The client may experience some or all of the symptoms below

Extreme anxiety, panic attacks


Small seizures

Restlessness, irritable, uncomfortable

Uncontrollable shakes

Hot or cold sweats


Why a Home Detox?

Many professionals and entrepreneurs are not willing to go into rehab due to work and life commitments. Also due to the nature of their profession, they may be in the public eye and high profile.

Some clients feel they will recover better in the bosom of their own homes.

This is where a discreet Home detox in the comfort of their own homes is ideal with minimal disruption to day to day life, although a few days out is advisable.


A home detox can be arranged after an assessment .and full medical examination by a specialist addictions nurse.

The time it takes to detox a varies but it is usually around 7 days subject to the level of medication required to detox the client gently and safely.

The Sober Advantage can still act as Sober Companion throughout the detox process, ensuring maximum round the clock safety.


When the Home Detox is complete this is where our Sober Coaching/Companion program can truly begin to ensure successful and long-term sobriety.