About Bunmi

Bunmi Aboaba founded The Sober Advantage as a way of using her considerable talents to help others find their way back. In fact, the very tools that have helped Bunmi to live a wonderful life in sobriety for 10 years.

Bunmi Aboaba, a former chairman of the Doctors and Dentist Recovery Group, with over ten years experience of sobriety and helping others to get sober – has designed her program on many influencing factors including, your biology, psychology, social and spiritual life, all of which can have a meaningful impact on sobriety.

She has a long history of service and commitment to others well-being. From years as a licensed Dentist to becoming a best-selling author, Reiki Master, Spiritual Response Therapist and more, Bunmi understands that true happiness and life success can only come from within. It is these traits that make her an unparalleled Sobriety Companion and Coach.

A few words from Bunmi

I’m a lot of things: former Dentist, author, coach), Reiki Master, Spiritual Response Therapist, Crystal Healer, and also trained in NLP. Most of all I am 10 years sober, and none of the things I just listed would be possible without that.

It wasn’t always that way.

As a successful professional I hid the fact that I had an addiction that in effect was slowly killing me. Failure wasn’t an option and asking for help felt just that.

After nearly losing everything I found the help I needed and ten years on I am still clean and sober and more successful than ever. I found my own little goodie box of tools that have helped me remain sober over the years and live a happy sane balanced life.

I had the clearest vision I ever had, and the way was to pass this on, pay it forward.

I am passionate about helping time poor entrepreneurs who are struggling with addiction with a tailor made/bespoke highly impactful coaching service that fits snuggly around their busy schedules to create positive change in all areas of their lives and lasting sobriety.

They ask for help I get results.

Why use The Sober Advantage?

There are several Sober companion services. But there’s only one run by Bunmi Aboaba. With 10 years of sobriety and eyes wide open to the trials and tribulations that it involves, Bunmi brings an experienced, professional approach to Sober Companionship, as well as an incredibly aware demeanour.

Bunmi’s services are completely confidential. Contact us here to arrange for a free private consultation, discuss availability, travel schedules, and other details. In addition, upon completion, a Sober companion can transfer into Sober Coaching.